Company Profile

Company Profile

Since the establishment of Hen-Hsing Trading Company, adhere to the ideas of " speciality , sincerity , service " , is devoted to offering high-quality products , specialized technology , intact service to the customer.

We serve relevant industry of science and technology for the operation aim, act as agent for various kinds of equipments , parts , chemicals, special material , relevant materials and apparatus of laboratory, such as Japan and Korea S. , Taiwan ,etc., the target who we serve contains machinery , environmental protection , medicine and medical science, biotechnology , photoelectricity and semiconductor industry.

" Honest , Trust " is the basic faith that Hen-Hsing Trading Company staff get along with people and deal with matters; And we are deeply convinced (Customer is first ) that it is the due attitude.

In this technology rapidly developing and industry upgrading age,we expect us to do more effort to accomplish our goal that keep improving our professional technique , service quality and offering diversified products to meet customer's demands constantly!

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